The “charged” Omoda C5 GT crossover has been presented. It has a 197 hp engine.

by alex

High power, alas, is not combined with all-wheel drive

The Omoda brand, popular in Russia (it belongs to Chery), has launched the Omoda C5 GT crossover – this car has entered the South African market.

Представлен «заряженный» кроссовер Omoda C5 GT. У него мотор мощностью 197 л.с.

The car received a 1.6-liter turbo engine with a power of 197 hp, the engine is combined with a 7-speed robotic transmission with two wet clutches, but the drive is only front-wheel drive. The Omoda C5 GT accelerates to 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds, making it the fastest car in the Omoda line-up. There is another important difference between the Omoda C5 GT and the regular version with a 156-horsepower engine: the rear suspension is not semi-independent, but multi-link.

Externally, the Omoda C5 GT features a large rear wing, bronze accents on the exterior and specially designed 18-inch wheels.

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Представлен «заряженный» кроссовер Omoda C5 GT. У него мотор мощностью 197 л.с.

The cost of the Omoda C5 GT in rubles is 2.8 million. For comparison, the cost of the regular top version with a 156-horsepower engine is the equivalent of 2.4 million rubles. It is still unknown whether the Omoda C5 GT will appear in other countries.

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