Tesla Cybertruck can be black or white. Additional payment for color is $6,500, but this is not the cost of paint

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Self-healing coating will be applied to the Cybertruck for $6,500

During the official premiere, Tesla showed the Cybertruck armored pickup truck exclusively in one color – the color of the stainless steel from which the exterior body panels are made. But this does not mean at all that the color will be exclusively “metallic”.

It turns out that the Cybertruck can be either black or white. The option costs $6,500, but the most interesting thing is that this cost is not charged for paint at all, but for… film! That is, the Cybertruck will not be painted in any case, it will simply be wrapped in film. But this is not a simple film, but a self-healing one based on urethane. Tesla claims it is scratch-resistant and more environmentally friendly than regular vinyl.

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Tesla Cybertruck может быть черным или белым. Доплата за цвет – 6500 долларов, но это не стоимость краски

Interestingly, you can keep the metallic look of the Cybertruck, but still wrap the car in film. For this, an option called premium satin clear film is offered, and an additional payment for it is $5,000.

It must be said that the protective film itself is not something new for Tesla. The company offers it for both Model 3 and Model Y, and the price is even higher – $7,500.

It is unknown whether black or white Cybertruck will be available in Russia, but prices for regular “metal” versions for Russia have already been announced.

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