Surrounded from all sides: a huge increase in the recycling fee for cars in Russia was supported by the Ministry of Economic Development

by alex

The increase will be annual

The Ministry of Economic Development supports the initiative to significantly increase the recycling fee for cars in Russia, as stated by Deputy Head of the Ministry Maxim Kolesnikov.

«We as an agency support the adjustment of the recycling fee. The Ministry of Industry and Trade and I see all the statistics and understand what our foreign partners who supply imported cars are doing. We understand that the recycling fee needs to be adjusted, it needs to be adjusted significantly, and we fully support this», — said Maxim Kolesnikov.

He recalled that the recycling fee is the main source of financing for the automobile industry. Last year alone it brought in about half a billion rubles.

«On recycling collection: a range of adjustments to the rates themselves and the approach itself has already been worked out. There are certain calculations — they were made by us with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, they were verified by the Ministry of Finance. Now, according to my information, they are already being discussed in the government», — added Maxim Kolesnikov.

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Earlier, the State Duma Committee on Industry and Trade supported the initiative of the head of AvtoVAZ, Maxim Sokolov, to increase the recycling fee, which we already reported.

For gasoline and diesel cars with an engine capacity of 1–2 liters, it is proposed to increase the recycling fee from 300 to 556 thousand rubles already in 2024, and then raise it on an annual basis to 1.17 million rubles by 2030 year.

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