SpaceX successfully completes Direct to Cell satellite communications test on Samsung, Apple and Google devices

by alex

SpaceX plans to provide satellite communications anywhere in the world

SpaceX is preparing to introduce a new Direct to Cell satellite communications service this year. According to information provided by the company, this service has already passed successful tests carried out on the basis of the Starlink satellite fleet.

SpaceX sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to report the first successful tests of the satellite service. According to the company, Direct to Cell delivers results that meet and exceed its goal.

During testing, SpaceX used unmodified Samsung, Apple, and Google devices running on PCS G Block spectrum. Tests successfully sent and received messages via popular platforms such as SMS, X (formerly known as Twitter) and WhatsApp.

Direct to Cell showed excellent results in various conditions. According to the company, the service operates successfully in both urban and rural areas, indoors and outdoors, despite obstacles such as dense tree foliage. The experiments were carried out in the cities of Redmond (Washington State), Mountain View (California) and Kansas City (Kansas). The company also reports that the devices successfully transmitted data without interference from neighboring devices operating in the same frequency range.

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SpaceX has partnered with T-Mobile to provide this service to T-Mobile's customers. Following the launch of initial service, Direct to Cell will cover the continental United States, Hawaii, portions of Alaska, Puerto Rico and the territorial waters of the United States. Subsequently, it is planned to expand service to other countries including Rogers (Canada), Optus (Australia), Salt (Switzerland), One NZ operator coverage area (New Zealand) and KDDI operator area (Japan).

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