Sitronics: First hydrogen-powered electric ships could appear as early as 2025

by alex

In 2023, Sitronics Group tested Russia’s first prototype electric vessel powered by hydrogen on the Neva River

The Russian company Sitronics Group shared its plans to develop a project to create  electric vessels powered by hydrogen fuel. Group President Nikolai Pozhidaev told reporters at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that the first hydrogen-powered ship could appear as early as 2025. 

Testing of such vessels will continue until the end of the year, and by the end of the year the company will make a decision on mass production. Nikolay Pozhidaev noted:

We started testing last year, we will continue testing this year. We currently have one vessel on the slipway, we are preparing it for a further test program. Most likely, we will continue and complete tests this year. That is, the decision on the series will be made based on the results of these tests, probably closer to the end of this year. 

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