Sber has launched the most affordable option “SberPrime” – popular financial services for 99 rubles per month

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Standard SberPrime will cost 199 rubles per month or 1990 per year

The Sberbank team announced the launch of a new paid subscription tariff, SberPrime. Package price «SberPrime Start» is 99 rubles per month or 990 rubles per year. 

Сбер запустил самый доступный вариант «СберПрайм» — популярные финансовые сервисы за 99 рублей в месяц

The subscription combines popular financial services among Sber clients: free mobile banking and card service, cashback 5% bonuses «SberSpasibo» in restaurants and cafes.

Subscribe «SberPrime Start» you can, in a couple of clicks, in the «SberBank Online» application for Android and iOS version 12.3 or newer. 

In the application you need to select the «SberPrime» section > «SberPrime Start», then identify the Sber card from which payment will be made, and confirm agreement with the terms of the subscription.

Director of the «Loyalty» Sberbank Ekaterina Zvonova said:

The popularity of the subscription model in Russia is growing every year. According to our estimates, approximately a quarter of Russians have paid subscriptions to various services, such as music, films, and games. We have launched a new subscription, SberPrime Start, so that our clients can experience the benefits of using Sber financial services. The total annual benefit will be up to 4,000 rubles. And to make the benefits even greater, we offer our flagship multi-subscriptions «SberPrime» and «SberPrime+». They have even more financial privileges, as well as discounts on entertainment and e-com, to save up to 24 thousand rubles per year.

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