Samsung will abandon its design and switch to a design like Apple's. An image of the Galaxy Buds3 Pro headphones shows that the headphones are not similar to previous generations

by alex

But they look like AirPods

Samsung has decided to abandon its signature Galaxy Buds Pro headphone design and replace it with the AirPods design. 

An image of the Galaxy Buds3 Pro model, which is expected in the near future, has appeared on the Internet. And although the image itself is very specific, the shape of the headphones is clearly visible. And it's the same as AirPods or hundreds of other similar wireless headphones on the market. 

Galaxy Buds Pro of the first and second generations, in turn, had a completely different design without a stem. There is no point in saying which option is better or worse, but the fact of a design change itself can be stated.  

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