Samsung has promised Galaxy AI features on 100 million devices this year, but has not yet decided how users will pay for them from 2025

by alex

You may not have to pay for everything

Samsung recently launched its new flagship smartphones Galaxy S24. Among other things, they received Galaxy AI functions based on artificial intelligence. Now the company has promised that these features will soon be available on 100 million of the company's devices. 

The head of the MX division said that this year Galaxy AI will be available on approximately 100 million different Samsung mobile devices. Of course, first of all on smartphones. This means that the corresponding functions will be available not only on the flagship models of the current and previous generations, as Samsung initially said. 

True, there is a nuance. The company has already said that all these features will be free until 2025. This wording implies that after that they will become paid. This will probably happen, but perhaps only partially. At least from the words of Samsung’s top manager, it is clear that the company has not yet decided on this aspect.  

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