Sales of Chinese cars have collapsed in Russia. The dealer explained why

by alex

Sales of Chinese cars in Russia have fallen by 60% since October

Directors of the Group of Companies «Orekhovo-AutoCenter» Ilya Titov explained why official sales of Chinese cars collapsed in Russia. The whole thing – in a greatly increased recycling collection and a sharp increase in rates by the Bank of Russia.

«Since the sharp increase in rates by the Central Bank, sales of Chinese cars have fallen by an average of 60%. Several factors are working against the increase in sharply sagging demand: in addition to a completely unprofitable loan product, it is also an increase in the recycling fee», — explained Ilya Titov.

«Now buy a car at a rate of 20% per annum — this is just crazy. It’s cheaper to get by with car sharing in big cities and taxis – in small ones. Today, I must admit, cars are bought only by those who desperately need a car, for example for work, or those who can afford to take it without a loan or with a minimal loan», — he added.

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This may explain the large discounts that Chinese automakers are now using to lure customers. So, when buying a Tank 500 SUV, dealers are ready to give up 700 thousand rubles (and even more), and yesterday Changan increased discounts on five of its popular crossovers.

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