Russians will be left without Zeekr: the most popular electric cars are banned from being sold to Russia

by alex

The ban will come into effect after June 30

The Zeekr company, which specializes in the production of premium electric vehicles, has banned Chinese car dealers from selling branded cars to the Russian market. This was reported by the thematic portal “AutoVzglyad”, with reference to the founder of the auction of new cars Sergey Pigolkin. 

According to the source, we are talking about a complete ban on the sale of Zeekr electric vehicles in Russia after June 30, 2024. Chinese car dealers who actively cooperate with Russian companies allegedly received a corresponding official letter from Zeekr. 

The reasons for taking such measures are not explained, just as nothing is said about fines for violating the ban. Sergey Pigolkin noted: 

Now, of course, those dealers who have money will stock up. Maybe this is necessary to stir up sales. The Chinese have already seen this – for example, last year with the release of the updated Voyah Free, a ban was also introduced on the supply of cars from China. Allegedly, such a car purchased in Russia will be a «brick». 

Note that Zeekr confidently «holds the palm» in sales of electric cars in Russia. 

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