Russian voice acting has been released for Baldur's Gate 3. Modern technologies have solved the issue of localization

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Baldur's Gate 3 is quite a big game and it is difficult to expect localization from enthusiasts, but with the development of technology a solution has appeared

Baldur's Gate 3 received Russian localization, but only a text translation is available, and some connoisseurs would like to also get Russian voice acting. However, it is difficult to expect the appearance of full-fledged “human” voice acting for such a large-scale role-playing game in other languages, but modern technologies still make it possible to realize such an idea.

SynthVoiceRu on boosty presented full Russian voice acting for Baldur's Gate 3:

Two files required to be downloaded

And then place the files in the modifications folder, example path: C:Users<username>AppDataLocalLarian StudiosBaldur's Gate 3Mods

Naturally, the project is not ideal, SynthVoiceRu himself notes:

1) Sometimes the tone of voice is not conveyed correctly (rarely)

2) There are unvoiced lines that did not fit into the timings (not enough)

The Battlefield series has lost another creative director

I continue to work on solving these problems and improving the model.

In the comments, one of the users shared his impressions – on the whole he is very pleased, but still such Russian neuro-voice acting for Baldur's Gate 3 encounters problems:

“I played it, I really like it, it’s a completely different feeling from the game. Of the minuses, he confuses the accents quite often (I’m not good at it – this can be corrected by continuing training?), the volume to my ears is lower than the original voice acting because of this, the background sometimes interrupts phrases, some phrases are not voiced when you give commands for the squad to move. Pros, what can I say, everyone already understands that a huge amount of work has been done, not cheap, and the result is impressive.”

Announcement video:

Russian voice acting has been released for Baldur&#39;s Gate 3. Modern technologies have solved the issue of localization


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