Russian IT specialists are again actively leaving the country. The number of requests for residence permit programs in European countries increased by 233%

by alex

Majority target – France

According to data from Kommersant, which refers to Garant In analysts, Russian IT specialists are actively leaving the country. 

In the last quarter alone, the increase in the number of requests for residence permit programs in European countries amounted to 233%. France is the leader here, accounting for about 80% of all requests during this period. 10% are targeting Italy.  

The choice of France is primarily due to a very important factor for many experts: the country does not require a person to reside on its territory and, accordingly, he may not become a tax resident of France.  

Irina Levova, director of strategic projects at the Internet Research Institute, says that the level of state support for IT specialists in Russia is high, but experts are nervous about the lifting of the moratorium on inspections, turnover fines for companies and criminal liability of up to ten years for leaks of personal data with an unspecified offense. In addition, many want to leave simply to have the opportunity to work in the global and Western community and not lose their competence in an isolated market. 

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