Rumor: First look at Insomniac's Spider-Man 3 starring a strong woman

by alex

The events of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 suggested certain thoughts about the content of a potential sequel. It looks like some players' fears are starting to be confirmed

Last year, hackers were quite successful in attacking the Insomniac Games studio, known for the Marvel's Spider-Man games, and obtained a lot of sensitive materials. As a result, an early version of Marvel's Wolverine and other remarkable things fell into the hands of the community.

For example, various files of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 came into the hands of players. PC game, and even put together something like a “pirate PC port” (this is far from the final version of the game, so there is still no need to talk about a “full-fledged” PC version).

According to some users, now enthusiasts have managed to go even further – they allegedly included an early version of Marvel's Spider-Man 3.

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Judging by the screenshots presented, if this is not a “big joke”, then Insomniac Games decided to take Spider-Woman for the main role in Marvel's Spider-Man 3.

< p>Not all participants in the discussion believe that this is Spider-Man 3: they suggest that this may still be a “joke” (a modification is simply used to replace the model), or it may be related to additional content about Silk (Silk, a superheroine from the Marvel universe, but she usually used a scarf to cover her face rather than a “full” mask.)

Rumor: First look at Insomniac&#39;s Spider-Man 3 starring a strong woman

Rumor: First look at Insomniac&#39;s Spider-Man 3 starring a strong woman


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