Rumor: Criterion Games organized testing of Need for Speed

by alex

Rumors about the future of the Need for Speed ​​brand have returned. Last year, it was mentioned not only about the possible appearance of a remake of NFS Most Wanted, but also about a new part of the racing game.

In July there was talk about Criterion Games, which was looking for specialists to join the team – the game was supposed to break conventions and “take the series to a new level.”

Perhaps work on the new Need for Speed ​​has already begun. The developers have allegedly invited a large group of content creators and influencers associated with the series to the studio's headquarters in Guildford, UK, in what is seen as a significant move. Criterion Games' main goal is to collect as much feedback as possible from early adopters.

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Information provided by the editors of the Xfire site may indicate that the team is preparing for a big announcement of a new game. Such events are usually not held in connection with updating existing games. But for now we should wait for confirmation from the studio and EA.

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