Rostec will deliver one Tu-214 aircraft out of three planned to the customer in 2023. It is inferior to MS-21 in a number of indicators

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State Corporation «Rostec» was unable to build three Tu-214 passenger aircraft by the end of 2023 as part of a comprehensive program for the development of the aviation industry. The Kazan Aviation Plant, which is part of the corporation, will complete construction and deliver to the customer only one aircraft this year, as reported by Kommersant. with reference to sources.

It is reported that this aircraft will not be used in commercial transportation. Rostec is going to begin testing a version of the aircraft with a cabin for two crew members in 2026, which Aeroflot insisted on. But there are no firm contracts with passenger airlines for such an aircraft, so sources doubt that the project, which clearly competes with the MC-21, will be produced in planned volumes. At the same time, from the Tu-214 in the version with three crew members (two pilots and a flight engineer) «Rostec» has no plans to give up yet. «Such aircraft will be in demand among special customers»,— think in Rostec. The company has planned delivery of several dozen of these aircraft by the end of 2026.

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The first plane will go to a special customer, but sources provide different information about which one. Someone says that the recipient of the only Tu-214 produced will be the special flight detachment «Russia», which transports top officials of the state, including the president. Another interlocutor claims that the plane will go to the Russian Federation Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief (EMERCOM). Among the customers also mentioned were «YuVT Aero» and «Aeroflot».

Interviewed experts highlight the following disadvantages of the Tu-214 compared to the MS-21 aircraft: low fuel efficiency, lack of serial production and shorter flight range.

«This will probably not be the most popular aircraft, but it is also in demand in matters of national security and defense, given its independence from imports», — said the representative of the Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Policy of the National Research University Higher School of Economics Fedor Borisov.

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