Rise of the Ronin will have three difficulty levels for players of varying skill levels

by alex

The difficulty in Rise of the Ronin can be adjusted depending on the player's skill level. This was reported on the game's official page on the PlayStation Store.

The difficulty level of the enemy can be adjusted to suit your needs. They are called Sunrise (Easy), Dusk (Normal) and Sunset (Hard), which you can switch between at any time.

Easy mode will a large amount of health restored through medicine, and less Ki is lost after hitting opponents. If you want to complete the story without any special obstacles, then this option is perfect.

In hard mode, enemies will have more stamina, and there will be less Ki taken away by parries and attacks. That is, it will take more effort to destroy opponents.

For players who value balance – a combination of a narrative aspect and a reasonable difficulty, the normal mode should be ideal.

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It is currently unknown whether Rise of the Ronin New Game+ mode at launch.

Rise of the Ronin will be released on March 22, 2024 on PS5.

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