Reduced frame rate, Wi-Fi speed and screen dimming for Apple Vision Pro. The company spoke about a decrease in headset performance

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Depending on battery

The Apple Vision Pro headset cannot boast of good battery life, and now it turns out that if the battery condition deteriorates, the device can reduce its performance. 

Снижение частоты кадров, скорости Wi-Fi и затемнение экрана у Apple Vision Pro. Компания рассказала о снижении производительности гарнитуры

Apple described issues related to performance and autonomy on its website. It says performance can be affected by a number of variables, including battery health.  

One of the important components of the Apple Vision Pro is the battery. Batteries — This is a complex technology and a number of variables affect battery performance and the associated performance of the Apple Vision Pro. All batteries are consumables and have a limited service life — Over time, their capacity and performance deteriorate to the point that they need to be replaced. As batteries age, this may contribute to changes in Apple Vision Pro performance 

That is, the situation with the iPhone is repeated, when Apple at one time introduced a function to reduce performance when the battery degrades. True, then the company did this without warning, which is why now, many years later, it must pay compensation to many users. 

Let the debate begin: Mark Zuckerberg said that the Quest 3 is not only 7 times cheaper than the Apple Vision Pro, but also better in a number of ways

Headset performance may also decrease when battery power is low. Apple says this could include longer app launch times, lower frame rates, reduced wireless throughput, screen dimming, or lower speaker volume. 

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