PS5 Pro is not needed? Game developers “are not using PlayStation 5 to the maximum”

by alex

An updated version of the PlayStation 5 is rumored to hit the market at the end of 2024. But one of the industry's leading journalists isn't sure studios need a PS5 Pro at all.

PS5 Pro is gradually becoming a reality – in recent weeks, some specifications of the device that Sony is working on have become known. Digital Foundry experts contributed by confirming the existence of the console.

During the podcast, journalist Christopher Dring spoke about the uncertain situation with the Xbox Series X|S in Europe and the the release of more Xbox Game Studios games for PS5. But his latest statement focuses on Sony's actions.

He noted that development studios do not need to create games for the PS5 Pro because they have not yet fully unleashed the capabilities of the PlayStation 5. The editor said he didn't meet “a single person” at the show who understood the point of releasing a more powerful console.

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“The developers don’t think they [PS5 Pro – ed.] need it, at least those I talked to. Many people feel that they are not making the most of the PS5.”

A journalist believes that the PS5 Pro will not have much impact on the gaming industry. He noted an important point: in the current generation, there will be a large number of exclusive games for PS5, demonstrating the maximum capabilities of the current hardware.

“Several companies said that this will not develop the market – it will not affect it. It looks like this generation hasn't even started yet, let alone needing a mid-gen update. How about we just run the original next generation software?»

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