Prices for hardcore SUVs Toyota Land Cruiser 70 have been rewritten in Russia

by alex

With the onset of summer, the price went up

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 continues to be imported to Russia, where the SUV is in demand, but with the onset of summer, the price has increased.

Today, short three-door cars are offered at a price of 6 million rubles. A month ago, the previous batch was sold for 5.89 million rubles, and in April, the price started at 5.5 million rubles. Moreover, cars are offered for 6 million rubles in Novosibirsk, and in other places today prices start from 7 million rubles.

The equipment of the cars includes a brown leather interior, a black steering wheel with wooden decor and without a multifunction, a rear-view camera with front and rear parking sensors, a multimedia system with a large touch screen.

The cars are equipped with a 4.0-liter 228-horsepower naturally aspirated gasoline engine, a manual gearbox and a rigidly connected all-wheel drive with two solid axles and a transfer case.

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The long five-door Toyota Land Cruiser 76 is offered to order in Vladivostok for 6,388,000 rubles. This car is equipped with a 131-horsepower 4.2-liter diesel engine, a manual transmission and an “honest” all-wheel drive. The version with a 4.5-liter 202-horsepower diesel engine is priced at 9,200,000 rubles.

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