Porsche will pay $4,500 to switch from Tesla to Taycan

by alex

Offer valid in USA

Porsche has updated its Taycan with a slew of updates designed to make it more attractive than rivals like the aging Tesla Model S. But to further tempt customers, Porsche is offering them up to $4,500 for a replacement from Tesla for the new Taycan.

Technically, those who drive any non-Porsche vehicle are eligible for the Welcome To Porsche Conquest lease program, but in the case of the Taycan, it is clearly aimed at those who currently own a Tesla Model S .

Offer covers both MY24 and MY25 Taycan models and provides payment coverage up to $4,500, with actual amount depending on how many payment days remain on contract.

The fastest of all Taycans is the 1,092 hp Taycan Turbo GT, which can be ordered with the optional Weissach Lightweight Package.

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