“Peace” cards began to be accepted in Laos

by alex

Some banks accept cards, and you can withdraw Laotian currency from ATMs in test mode

According to the Russian Ambassador to Laos, Vladimir Kalinin, cards from the Russian Mir payment system have begun to be accepted in this country. Kalinin noted that some banks in Laos already accept Mir cards, and at ATMs you can withdraw money in Laotian currency in test mode. Laos is located in Southeast Asia, in the very center of the Indochina Peninsula. Kalinin considers it unjustified that such an “original and friendly country” is not popular enough among Russian tourists, and hopes that Russians will soon visit Laos more often.

В Лаосе начали принимать карты «Мир»

Now cards of the domestic Mir system are accepted by partner banks in Abkhazia, Armenia, Belarus, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, South Korea and South Ossetia. From March 2023, you can withdraw cash from Russian cards at some ATMs in Cuba, and by the end of the year this opportunity should spread throughout the country. It is also expected that the Mir system will be implemented in Myanmar by the end of this year. Iran, Indonesia, Egypt, Thailand, India, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mauritius, Nigeria and Ethiopia are also showing interest.

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