Owners of Japanese cars are actively switching to Tank 300 and Tank 500

by alex

80% of Tank car buyers use the trade-in scheme

The head of the Tank brand in Russia, Alexander Chekhovsky, in an interview with the Kolesa.ru resource, said that the majority of motorists who buy Tank cars in Russia on trade-in (and these are approximately 80% of the total number of buyers) hand over Japanese cars to dealers cars. In second place – Haval car owners.

«Of course, we know all the brands that buyers trade in. Japanese cars are in first place, second – behind the Haval brand. This is very good for us – there is a sense of continuity. Those people who have tried other Great Wall brands believe that our cars are truly comfortable, reliable and practical», – told by Alexander Chekhovsky.

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When asked about the appearance of new Tank models in Russia, the top manager said the following: «Of course, we will expand the model range, but it is too early to talk about the timing< /em>».

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