On November 25, AvtoVAZ assembled 450 Lada Granta, one of them is special

by alex

AvtoVAZ is still experimenting with Chinese metallic cars

AvtoVAZ traditionally works on weekends. This Saturday, about 850 cars rolled off the plant's assembly line, one of which is special – a Lada Granta in Borneo color.

Two VAZ lines worked hard today, Saturday, November 25th. About 190 Niva Legends and about 200 Niva Travels rolled off the assembly line in 9 hours. The Granta line produced 450 cars in a 9-hour shift, one car was in Borneo color. Painting [Painting shop] continues to try to paint with metallized enamels from a Chinese supplier ,” writes the insider public Avtograd News.

Granta in Borneo color used to be something common. After the world's enamels manufacturers, whose products the factory equipment was customized for, left Russia, VAZ's color range sharply became scarcer. Now the company is making great efforts to add colors to the line of cars it produces.

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