Nvidia is, in a sense, giving away over a hundred games when you buy a GeForce RTX 40 graphics card. In fact, the gift comes with a Game Pass subscription

by alex

And at the same time on GeForce NOW Priority

Nvidia has decided to update gifts for buyers of GeForce RTX 40 video cards, but there are no games in the new set. Or there is, but it depends on how you look at it.

Nvidia в каком-то смысле дарит более сотни игр при покупке видеокарты GeForce RTX 40. На самом деле в подарок идёт подписка на Game Pass

The bottom line is that when purchasing a 3D card, the user will receive three months of Game Pass subscription as a gift. That is, access to more than a hundred games for free. That is, in a sense, we can say that more than a hundred games are included as a gift, but only for three months.

In addition, customers receive a free three-month subscription to the GeForce NOW Priority cloud gaming service. True, it’s not very clear why the owner of a fresh RTX 40 video card needs cloud gaming, but it’s still a gift.

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Such gifts come with all RTX 40 cards, but, as always, not in all regions and not even at all retailers. This particular promotion is available in North America and most of Europe. Buyers in Latin America and most of Asia will only receive a Game Pass subscription.

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