Nvidia CEO recommended countries build sovereign artificial intelligence infrastructure for economic growth and cultural protection

by alex

Гендир Nvidia порекомендовал странам строить суверенную инфраструктуру искусственного интеллекта для экономического роста и защиты культуры

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang shared his view that each country should have its own artificial intelligence infrastructure to take advantage of economic potential and protect its own culture.

You cannot allow this to be done by others.

— Huang said at the World Government Summit in Dubai. -* Huang said at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

Huang, whose dominance of the high-end AI chip market has skyrocketed his company to $1.5 trillion, said his company is “democratizing” access to AI thanks to the rapid rise in computing efficiency powered by AI algorithms.

The rest is up to you: you must take the initiative, activate your industry, build the infrastructure as quickly as you can.

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He said fears about the dangers of AI are exaggerated, noting that other new technologies and industries such as automobiles and aviation have been successfully addressed.

There are interests in scaring people with this new technology, mystifying this technology, encouraging other people to do nothing with this technology and rely on them. And I think this is a mistake.

Following a new round of US restrictions in October on some of its AI chips, Nvidia said in November it was working with customers in China and the Middle East to obtain export licenses for new products that would comply American rules, reports Reuters.

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