New Study Shows How Mini-Dark Matter Galaxies Could Help Solve the Mystery of Magnetic Fields in the Universe

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Study shows that magnetic fields play a role in the evolution of dark matter, leading to the formation of galaxies from invisible matter

Scientific research shows that magnetic fields are present everywhere in the Universe and play an important role in its organization. However, their origin still remains a mystery to scientists. One of the most interesting theories suggests that these fields arose at the very beginning of the Universe, that is, immediately after the Big Bang.

An international team of scientists has discovered a connection between magnetic fields and dark matter – the substance that makes up most of the mass in our Universe. Researchers suggest that a possible mechanism for the formation of magnetic fields is their interaction with dark matter in the early stages of the development of the Universe.

Dark matter, which does not have direct interaction with magnetic fields, can still serve as a kind of «probe» to study them. Scientists have shown that increasing disturbances in the density of dark matter can lead to the formation of mini-galaxies from this matter. The discovery of such mini-galaxies can confirm the original nature of magnetic fields and help in understanding the nature of the visible part of the Universe.

«Magnetic fields are present everywhere. One of the possible theories of their formation suggests that the fields observed today could have been created in the early stages of our Universe», — explains Pranjal Ralegankar of SISSA, author of the study.

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«However, this proposal is devoid of explanation in the standard model of physics. To clarify this aspect and find a way to detect 'original' magnetic fields, in our work we propose a method that can be called 'indirect'. Our approach is based on the question: What is the effect of magnetic fields on dark matter?» It is known that there is no direct interaction. However, as Ralegankar explains, «there is an indirect, through gravity».

It turns out that with such a process, fluctuations in the density of baryonic matter decrease, but leave traces through the formation of mini-galaxies. These results highlight the hypothesis that magnetic fields emerged very early, in the first moments after the Big Bang.

Ralegankar explains: «In the study we show an unexpected phenomenon. An increase in baryon density causes an increase in dark matter disturbances. This leads to their collapse on small scales, forming mini-galaxies of dark matter. The consequence of this is that although fluctuations in the density of baryonic matter are canceled out, they leave traces through mini-galaxies».

This research opens a new chapter in understanding the origin and evolution of magnetic fields in space. The discovery of dark matter mini-galaxies could be a key step in unlocking the mystery of the universe's magnetic fields and help better understand how our universe formed and evolved.

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