Mazda Flair 2024 presented at a price less than a million rubles in our money terms

by alex

The new version received an improved interior and new assistants

Mazda has released an updated line of Flair key vans, including the Flair Wagon and the sportier Flair Wagon Custom. Both cars received some design changes, a modernized interior and an expanded range of options, including new electronic assistants. The price in Japan is less than a million rubles for our money.

Flair Wagon Custom has received major design changes, such as a revised bumper and a new grille. The base model also receives spot adjustments, including changes to the front bumper and headlight insert. To improve visibility, the A-pillars have become thinner. Available in nine body colors, including two-tone options.

The main change in the cabin — Pull-out swivel sections in the rear seat cushions for improved leg support and rear luggage retention. A new control panel for additional functions and a redesigned 4.5-inch display have appeared in the selector area of ​​the box.

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Представлена Mazda Flair 2024 по цене дешевле миллиона рублей в пересчёте на наши деньги

The cars received a heated steering wheel, two USB ports and an electric parking brake. The driver assist system now includes adaptive cruise control with cornering braking, lane keeping assist and emergency braking that can detect pedestrians and cyclists on streets and intersections.

Представлена Mazda Flair 2024 по цене дешевле миллиона рублей в пересчёте на наши деньги

For the Flair Wagon, two options are available for a mild-hybrid gasoline engine with a volume of 660 cubic centimeters with a power of 52 or 64 horsepower, in combination with a CVT and optional all-wheel drive.

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