Jez Corden: the next Doom has a high chance of release on PlayStation 5

by alex

There is a high probability that the next Doom game will be released on the PlayStation 5 console, according to reliable Microsoft source Jez Corden.

Despite the lack of official information about the release of the next Doom, rumors have appeared online that the game will be announced at the next Xbox event.

X ​​was asked on the social network about the chances of the next Doom coming out on the Sony platform, and journalist Jez Corden from Windows Central responded that the chances of id Software's brutal shooter appearing there are really high.

The reaction to such an announcement will be interesting , as Microsoft Gaming head Phil Spencer has been adamant that the Bethesda acquisition is about delivering great exclusive games to Xbox players.

This wouldn't be the first time Xbox executives have changed their minds. Moreover, according to information from the same Jez Corden, Microsoft executives Satya Nadella and Amy Hood are against console exclusives.

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Cover author: id Software/PlayStation. Cover source: Altchar

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