Intel's new plan is 40 million processors for AI computers this year and 60 million in 2025

by alex

At first, Microsoft confidently called 2024 the year of the AI ​​PC, and now it’s time for an “astrology” session from Intel, which targets 100 million computers with artificial intelligence in two years.

Intel inside — AI PC

Intel Vice President David Feng (responsible for the Client Computing Group division – processors and logic sets for personal computers) outlined a new strategy in the PC market and goals for the future at the MWC 2024 exhibition, which is quite busy these days. passes unnoticed in Barcelona.

Intel is now working closely with Microsoft to define the criteria for this very AI PC. Key elements of the “AI PC” concept include a dedicated Copilot button, a chatbot and Microsoft's other extensive AI efforts, as well as Intel Core Ultra processors with integrated graphics and separate neural processors for AI models in the current vPro platform for business laptops.< /p>

Large language models and artificial intelligence are the new gold in the current battle between Microsoft, Meta, Google and NVIDIA for supremacy in creating cutting-edge chips. Just look at the dynamics of stock prices and financial indicators of these companies over the past few years, especially for the “green” chipmaker, which in 2023 increased in price by 5.5 times and recently reached $2 trillion in market capitalization. Every major PC maker except Apple has confirmed plans to release AI-powered computers later this year.

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What's happening with the PC market now

60 million next year is a fairly ambitious target for Intel, given that it represents more than 20% of the projected global PC market in 2025, Asia Nikkei notes. According to Counterpoint Research, the global PC market will fall by 14% in 2023. But there is also good news – the first signs of a revival in demand, which give hope for a rebound to pre-Covid times this year. In fact, Jon Peddie Research analysts in a recent report recorded a 24% increase in PC processor shipments in the last quarter of 2023.

We took a screenshot and remembered it – in two years we’ll see if Intel will eventually be able to be inside 100 million PCs with AI.

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