Intel also wants its own technology for creating “extra” frames in games. The company is already working on ExtraSS

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It will differ from AMD and Nvidia solutions

Intel has quite successfully entered the discrete desktop video card market. Its Arc models have not yet gained any noticeable popularity, but constant improvements to drivers and lower prices have made them very attractive. Now Intel is working on its frame generation technology, like Nvidia and AMD, to make cards even better. 

Intel already has XeSS supersampling technology, which, like AMD FSR, can work on any video cards, not just Intel cards. Now Intel has shared a document describing ExtraSS. This is the frame generation option from the processor giant. 

We present ExtraSS, a new framework that combines spatial supersampling and frame extrapolation to improve real-time rendering performance. By integrating these techniques, our approach strikes a balance between performance and quality, generating time-stable, high-quality, high-resolution results. 

Using lightweight warp modules and ExtraSSNet for refinement, we leverage spatiotemporal information, improve rendering clarity, accurately handle moving shadows, and generate time-stable results. Computational costs are significantly reduced compared to traditional rendering methods, resulting in higher frame rates and high-resolution results without artifacts. 

Evaluation using Unreal Engine demonstrates the benefits of our technology over traditional individual spatial or temporal supersampling methods, delivering improved rendering speed and visual quality 

Here is the main difference between ExtraSS and FSR or DLSS generators: the latter use frame interpolation, and Intel — extrapolation. The interpolation method uses multiple samples to produce an approximation of the frame that is to be inserted, whereas the extrapolation method uses information outside the input sample to create an approximation of the frame. Intel says this approach avoids the latency issue that both Nvidia and AMD have. True, Intel immediately admits that interpolation provides better results. 

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Intel тоже хочет свою технологию создания «лишних» кадров в играх. Компания уже работает над ExtraSS

So far, Intel has said nothing about its prospects, and its document hints that the company still has a lot of work to do. But perhaps Intel will be in time for the release of its new Battlemage generation video cards next year.  

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