“Indestructible” Suzuki with a reliable engine and automatic transmission for 2.076 million rubles. The current cost of Suzuki Baleno in Russia has been announced

by alex

Japanese hatchback, which is much cheaper than many Chinese sedans

Resource «Auto news of the day» While monitoring marketplaces, I found out that the price of Suzuki Baleno has changed in Russia: «parallel» The Japanese hatchback has become more expensive compared to December last year, but not much more expensive: the minimum price rose from 1.9 million rubles to 2.076 million rubles.

This is what a seller from Orenburg is asking for a new Baleno 2023, and the price includes all fees, including disposal fees, as well as payments for SBKTS and EPTC. A little more expensive than Baleno 2023 from a seller in Tyumen – 2.095 million rubles.

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Prices are lower than for many Chinese sedans, but at the same time the Baleno has proven units (1.5-liter 105-horsepower naturally aspirated engine combined with a 4-speed automatic transmission) and very good equipment. So, even the cheapest Baleno has a media system with a fairly large screen, cruise control, climate control, all-round visibility system, keyless entry, 16-inch wheels and even a head-up display.

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