Huawei patents a machine for charging electric vehicles

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She is very cute and round

Huawei has filed a patent application with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) for a car that can charge other vehicles. This car is equipped with AC and DC chargers, which are located inside the body on the left and right, as well as an interactive display. The application materials also indicate that the charging car will receive lidar (judging by the images, it is placed on the roof) and ultrasonic radars, apparently so that it can move autonomously, without a driver.

Huawei запатентовала машинку для зарядки электромобилей

Huawei’s application does not contain a large number of technical details, at least in the form in which it appeared on the network. But the materials include many images of the charging car, judging by which it has a very nice rounded body shape. It is not yet clear when and where such machines will be used, but the idea is not new: Chinese electric grid company State Grid demonstrated similar devices at the Hankou railway station in Wuhan during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The total power of such mobile charging stations was 60 kW, and the total storage capacity — 184 kW·h, they provided electric vehicles with fast charging with a power of 60 kW or slow charging with a power of 7 kW.

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Huawei запатентовала машинку для зарядки электромобилей

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