How AvtoVAZ deprived Chinese electric cars of state support for the sake of Lada e-Largus and other Russian models

by alex

The Ministry of Industry and Trade took the side of AvtoVAZ

The Ministry of Industry and Trade supported AvtoVAZ’s proposal to adjust the system of state support for demand for electric vehicles in Russia and make it dependent on the degree of localization of cars.

«The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade supports the proposal of «AvtoVAZ» to establish requirements for the localization of electric vehicles participating in government demand stimulation programs. Active work is also underway within the framework of the Federal project «Electric car and hydrogen car»,— reported by the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade stated that this project is aimed at saturating the domestic market with domestic cars powered by alternative energy sources, as well as developing charging infrastructure.

The ultra-economical Geely Monjaro L entered the Chinese market: 380 hp. and 4.79 l/100 km for 23.7 thousand dollars

A proposal to improve the mechanisms for stimulating demand for electric vehicles was previously put forward by AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov, who stated that the  e-Largus will compete with non-localized Chinese electric vehicles.

«The volume of output will directly depend on demand and additional balancing of government support measures. e-Largus competes in price with non-localized Chinese electric vehicles. Their added value is formed abroad, but at the same time, buyers of these cars in Russia receive government support, the amount of which is actually equal to the price of a new Lada Granta in the middle configuration, — he noted on the occasion of the start of test assembly in Izhevsk of passenger versions of the Lada Largus, including the electric e-Largus.

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