named the main word of 2023

by alex

“Neural network” has become much more popular in 2023

The portal team «» for the first time held its own campaign «Word of the Year» and shared its results. The choice of the word for 2023 was made based on several criteria: data analysis, frequency of queries, expert assessments. 

The press service noted:

The mastery of the word in Russian was also taken into account: the presence of an established Cyrillic spelling and family ties. 

In the end,  the word of the year turned out to be «neural network». The word has become widespread and is often used in texts, but until recently it was not included in the main standard dictionaries and only in September 2023 was added to the spelling academic electronic resource «Academos». 

In Russia, the cost of official premium foreign cars has soared: the BMW X7 has risen in price by 34% over the year, and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class by 46%

«Грамота.ру» назвала главное слово 2023 года

In the rating voting, the closest competitors of the «neural network», which received more than 75% of the expert votes, were «jeepity/GPT» (58%), «base» (43%) and «returnees» (41%), the 20% bar was overcome «prompt/prompt» and «imba».

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