From Futuristic Concept to Reality: Xpeng Land Aircraft Carrier Flying Car Moves to Airworthiness Certification

by alex

It consists of two modules

Xpeng Motors has reached a major milestone in the development of its Land Carrier flying car hybrid. On March 21, the company received approval for its application for a type certificate for the aircraft from the Civil Aviation Administration of Central and Southern Region of China. This means that the model enters the airworthiness certification stage.

The Land Aircraft Carrier flying car, developed by Xpeng Motors, consists of a wheeled and a flying model that can be separated. Each model will be certified in accordance with aviation and automotive regulations. The TC application received this time concerns a vertical take-off and landing aircraft. It boasts a panoramic two-person cabin with 270-degree visibility.

The wheeled part of the Land Carrier is designed for 4-5 people. The vehicle has a three-axle, six-wheel design, providing 6 x 6 all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering. This results in increased payload and off-road performance.

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A fully electric manned aircraft (air module) will be able to fly at low altitudes. Its electric propulsion system meets safety requirements in case of single propeller failure. eVTOL supports controlled flights and autopilot system.

The price has not yet been announced, but XPeng founder He Xiaopeng previously said that the cost should be at least $140,000.

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