Fraudsters convince victims to urgently renew their bank cards

by alex

But in reality they get access to an online bank to withdraw money and apply for loans

VTB Bank spoke about a new financial fraud scheme: attackers who pretend to be bank employees convince the victim to extend the validity period of the card, which is supposedly expiring. To do this, scammers send a phishing link and install malware on the user’s smartphone.

VTB specialists discovered that messenger users began to receive calls from fake accounts of large banks. The interlocutor is told that the bank card agreement is expiring and needs to be renewed urgently. To do this, you need to dictate a code that will be sent via SMS, after which the scammers will have access to the user’s personal account in online banking and will be able to withdraw money or apply for loans.

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VTB notes that scammers have already used similar schemes, offering to replace the SIM card or extend the contract with the mobile operator. Bank specialists also recalled that since 2020, banks began to extend the service of cards even with expired cards. For example, VTB issues cards to clients for 7 years, but they work indefinitely and do not need to be renewed.

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