“Elon Musk met with his Kremlin handler.” Did Elon Musk visit AI Journey after all? Or is it Peskov? What is going on?

by alex

Just an impressive deepfake in real time

At the international AI Journey conference, which is currently taking place in Moscow, many events are currently taking place, one way or another related to artificial intelligence. Elon Musk was even invited to the conference, and now “evidence” of his visit has appeared online.

«Илон Маск встретился со своим кремлёвским куратором». Илон Маск всё-таки посетил AI Journey? Или это Песков? Что вообще происходит?

The video quickly spread in VKontakte groups and Telegram channels with a variety of comments. For example, in the Shot telegram channel it is titled “Elon Musk met with his Kremlin curator.”

As you can see while watching, the conference was attended by Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian President. He toured the stands before the president himself, Vladimir Putin, visited them. At one of the stands, he was shown the operation of Sberbank’s artificial intelligence system.

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As can be seen at the Sber AI stand, the video with Peskov is broadcast on the screen in real time, and Peskov’s face is transformed in real time into the face of Elon Musk using Deepfake technology. Looks funny and impressive.

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