Either a video card or a spaceship. Ayaneo showed off the AG01 Graphics Starship external 3D adapter

by alex

No technical details yet

Ayaneo showed its first external video card. 

The announcement is still nominal, but we have images and a title — AG01 Graphic Starship. As you can see, the device stands out with its design, supposedly inspired by the appearance of spaceships in old movies.  

There are no specifications yet, and it is not even clear whether this is a compact product. If yes, then it could be an adapter based on the Radeon RX 7600M XT, because there are already several such cards on the market, and there are no other variations.  

То ли видеокарта, то ли космический корабль. Ayaneo показала внешний 3D-адаптер AG01 Graphics Starship

The device may also receive some additional features, but not necessarily. The announcement of the video card is expected on May 18.  

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