China's Goldwind installed a 16 MW offshore wind turbine in a record 24 hours

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Китайская Goldwind за рекордные 24 часа установила морскую ветротурбину мощностью 16 МВт

During a typhoon in September, Goldwind's active wind turbine set another record, generating 384.1 MWh of electricity in 24 hours (enough to power nearly 170,000 homes).

Goldwind reported on the record installation of the new GWH252-16MW turbine on social networks, although it did not provide detailed information about the method that helped optimize the process – speed up production and reduce costs, among other things.

The company also did not specify where the turbine is located – likely at the Zhangpu Liuao Phase 2 offshore wind farm in the southeastern province of Fujian, where the same turbine generating the record electricity is located. The developer and builder of the station is the state-owned energy company China Three Gorges.

The GWH252-16MW turbine has a rotor diameter of 252 meters and a sweep area of 50,000 square meters (the equivalent of seven standard football fields). The height of the turbine mast is 146 meters – almost the height of a 50-story building.

Powerful wind generation in Europe provoked negative electricity prices


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