Buy a car for 10 million rubles, and spend another 7 million rubles on maintenance. The cost of ownership of the Voyah Dream electric minivan has been calculated

by alex

Electric cars, which are supposed to save their owners money, are actually not cheap to maintain

NAPI analysts calculated the cost of owning the Voyah Dream electric minivan. To buy such a car, you basically need to be not a poor person, because the cost of the 2023 model is 9.981 million rubles, but the maintenance will cost a pretty penny: over 5 years the car will require costs of 7.02 million rubles! True, this is if you drive 20 thousand km a year by car.

Analysts' estimates include costs for insurance (MTPL and comprehensive insurance), charging, purchase and seasonal change of tires, maintenance, taxes and fees. One kilometer of mileage on the Voyah Dream is estimated by analysts at 70 rubles per month — 117 thousand rubles, per year — 1.4 million rubles.

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