Build a car no worse than Elon Musk’s: Tesla has fully opened the documentation for the Roadster electric sports car

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The second generation Tesla Roadster never reached the shelves

Tesla has opened and made available the design and research documentation for its original electric sports car, the Tesla Roadster.

The first generation Tesla Roadster has been out of production for over a decade. And fans are still waiting for the next generation, which was introduced back in 2017 and has been delayed several times since then. The car has become quite rare. Tesla produced just over 2,000 units of the Roadster.

Now, apparently, those who wish will be able to create their own copies. Elon Musk announced:

All design and development of the original Tesla Roadster is now completely open.

The company also noted regarding published research and development documents:

The information presented here is provided for roadster enthusiasts and was created during the Roadster's research and development design phase. This is not a manufacturer's reference document, repair or maintenance manual, and may not accurately reflect actual production models or parts sold.

In February 2018, SpaceX launched Musk's personal car into space – and it was a Tesla Roadster. In 2020, the Tesla Roadster came as close as possible to the Red Planet, flying 8 million km from it. The next time an electric car will fly so close to Mars is in 2035, and in 2047 and 2050 it will fly at a distance of several million km from Mars.

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