Brazil passed a law on water meters – and now it turns out that ChatGPT wrote it

by alex

The chatbot suggested the text of the bill consisting of 8 sections in just 15 seconds.

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In October, 36 city councilors in the Brazilian town of Porto Allegree voted unanimously for a bill that would ease the burden on taxpayers by saving residents from the cost of replacing stolen water meters.

After review by several committees, the law finally came into force on November 23 – and a few days later its author, city councilor Ramiro Rosario, stunned everyone with the announcement that the text was written by the AI ​​chatbot ChatGPT.< /p>

According to Rosario, ChatGPT processed the 250-character text command and took about 15 seconds to produce the finished result.

“Artificial intelligence will not replace anyone, but we can all be replaced by those who know how to use it. So we have to be prepared,” Rosario told The Washington Post.

Rosario had been receiving complaints about fees for installing stolen water meters for several months, and he eventually took on the problem while trying out ChatGPT. The man entered the phrase:

“Create a municipal law for the city of Porto Alegre that comes from the legislative branch, not the executive branch, and prohibits the Department of Water and Sewerage from charging property owners to pay for a new water meter if it is stolen.”

Rosario was amazed when the artificial intelligence prepared quite decent proposals from 8 sections. ChatGPT came up with two ideas that had never occurred to council members: set a 30-day deadline for the city to replace stolen water meters, and in cases where it is not met, exempt property owners from paying water bills.


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“If I had followed the normal process, I would have spent several days on the computer and legal sources,” he said. “But the AI ​​reviewed its database of best practices for drafting legislation domestically and internationally that were consistent with the principles and values ​​of my mandate—so I knew I had to sign it.”

Rosario submitted the text on June 7.

ChatGPT combines human learning with knowledge gained from a variety of sources, including Wikipedia, books, news, and scientific journals. It examines queries and provides answers by guessing what will happen next in a sentence—essentially, analyzing a lot of data and making connections between words in the text.

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Despite being used in a variety of ways—writing college essays, creating Eminem-style lyrics, and even being used unsuccessfully in court—experts cautioned against relying on ChatGPT because it is prone to errors and misinformation.

The council's legislative department reviewed Rosario's proposal and adapted its language to the standard style used in legislation. But the changes were essentially minimal and did not deny any part of the content of the original.

“Porto Alegre has the first Brazilian law developed exclusively by artificial intelligence!” Rosario wrote on X when the law was passed.

Comments varied, and Porto Alegre council president Hamilton Sossmeier, although initially telling local media that this could set a “dangerous precedent,” later changed his mind:

“‎I started looking into the topic more and saw that, unfortunately, or fortunately, this would become a trend,” he told the Associated Press.

Rosario said he initially kept his use of ChatGPT secret because “many colleagues still have prejudices about artificial intelligence” and he did not want to take risks because it could affect the outcome of the vote. < /p>

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