“Besides the fact that it looks good, it also feels good in the hand,” the Xiaomi President showed the Redmi K70 Pro “face” for the first time

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The smartphone will be presented on November 29

Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi Group, President of the International Division and General Manager of the Redmi brand, continues to promote the flagship smartphone Redmi K70 Pro.

Following the morning images, the head of the company published the first photo of the device, which shows the front part. The smartphone will have a screen with a narrow frame around the perimeter and a cutout for the front camera in the center. So far, there is no escape from it, even in flagships, although Xiaomi has been experimenting with under-screen cameras for several years now.

Besides looking good, it also feels good in the hand. The case has narrowed to 74.9 mm. The smartphone is easy to operate with one hand.

Lu Weibing

In addition, Lu Weibing confirmed that the metal middle frame undergoes a fine polishing process, and the edges are curved to make holding the smartphone as comfortable as possible without a case.

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«Помимо того, что он хорошо выглядит, он также хорошо лежит в руке», — президент Xiaomi впервые показал Redmi K70 Pro «лицом»

The presentation of the new product is expected on November 29.

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