Belgi has already exceeded its annual plan: 80% of the vehicles went to Russia

by alex

This year they planned to assemble 60,000 cars

The Belarusian-Chinese automobile plant Belgi managed to fulfill the annual production plan ahead of schedule, sending 80% of the cars produced to Russia.

Deputy Prime Minister Pyotr Parkhomchik announced the achievement of this mark at a joint meeting of the Belarusian parliament. The target for 2023 was set at 60 thousand cars, but the current number has already exceeded this figure, reaching 60,199 new cars. These figures are more than double the 2022 production figures, when only about 25,000 vehicles were produced in 12 months.

«Белджи» уже перевыполнил годовой план: 80% машин ушло в Россию

Earlier, Parkhomchik noted that the Belgi plant had not reached its limit and had the potential to further increase production to 120 thousand cars per year. The Deputy Prime Minister also emphasized that 80% of the cars sold went to the Russian market, and the total number of cars sold reached 59,982 units.

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In September, Belgi CEO Gennady Svidersky expressed his expectation of sales growth due to high demand, predicting that by the end of 2023, sales in Belarus will triple, reaching 13 thousand cars.

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