Apple is the leader in the wearable electronics market by a huge margin, but among the leaders, only Apple showed a large decline in sales

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This is IDC data

Apple is the undisputed leader in the wearable electronics market, almost twice as fast as its nearest competitor. 

IDC analysts assessed this market based on the results of the first quarter. Apple leads with a share of 18.2% and 20.6 million units sold. These are mainly AirPods headphones and Apple Watches. At the same time, sales of Apple wearable electronics in annual terms fell by a considerable 18.9%, and this despite the fact that the market grew by 8.8%. 

Apple с огромным отрывом лидирует на рынке носимой электроники, но среди лидеров только Apple показала большой спад продаж

The second place is occupied by Xiaomi, which sold 11.8 million devices and took 10.5% of the market, managing to increase sales by 43.4%. At the same time, Huawei and Samsung, which are in third and fourth places respectively, are very slightly behind Xiaomi.  

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And the top five is closed by Imagine Marketing, known for the Boat brand, which is popular in India.  

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