Amazon launched Q – a “working” AI chatbot for companies that will answer employee questions

by alex

Amazon Q is only available to users of Amazon Connect (AWS's contact center service), but will eventually expand to other services.

Amazon's cloud business AWS has launched a chat tool that allows employees to learn more about the business they work for. The assistant, working as a generative AI, learns from company data and will be able to tell you, for example, about guidelines from a logo guide or help you understand another engineer's code to support a program. Amazon says the tool simplifies work and saves time that would otherwise be spent sifting through dozens of corporate documents.

Amazon Q can be accessed through the AWS management console or individual company documentation pages, developer environments such as Slack, and other third-party programs.

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky noted that the questions the assistant will be asked “will not be used to train any underlying models.”

Amazon Q can work with any model from Amazon Bedrock, a repository of AWS AI models that includes Meta's Llama 2 and Anthropic's Claude 2. AWS says the chatbot has been trained based on 17 years of AWS experience and can also be asked questions about how the cloud works or available services.

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Amazon Q is currently only available to users of Amazon Connect, an AWS service for contact centers, but will eventually expand to other services such as Amazon Supply Chain, which helps customers track supply chain management, and Amazon QuickSight, a business intelligence platform .


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Connect's Amazon Q pricing starts at $40 per agent per month. According to the AWS Connect website, users can try out the chatbot on Connect “for free until March 1, 2024.”

Other companies have already introduced similar products: Microsoft's Copilot does something similar for Windows users, Dropbox's Dash lets people query saved documents, and Notion this month announced an AI-powered note search feature.

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AWS will offer Bedrock users the ability to set their own restrictions on the models they use to create AI programs (current ones already comply with data privacy and responsible artificial intelligence standards).

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