All Motorolas, even the cheapest ones, will get Corning Gorilla Glass. Smart Connect technology announced for connecting smartphones, PCs and tablets

by alex

Details will be announced later

Motorola announced at MWC 2024 that all of its future smartphones will use Corning Gorilla Glass.

Motorola already uses Gorilla Glass on most of its flagship and mid-range phones. Today's announcement confirms that future entry-level Motorola phones will also be more resistant to scratches and drops.

Lenovo and Motorola also announced Smart Connect capabilities — connectivity technology that works on Motorola and Lenovo smartphones, tablets and PCs.

This technology enables interoperability between phones, tablets and PCs, and provides unified keyboard and mouse control, notification synchronization, smart clipboard, fast file sharing and the use of mobile phones as webcam functions.

Все Motorola, даже самые дешевые, получат Corning Gorilla Glass. Анонсирована технология Smart Connect для связи смартфонов, ПК и планшетов

Exact system requirements and supported devices will be announced soon.

The Moto G24 and Moto G04 smartphones have been introduced. Inexpensive, but with a display frame rate of 90 Hz

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