After the scandalous dismissal of Sam Altman, Microsoft discusses changes in the board of directors with OpenAI

by alex

Different scenarios are being considered

The American corporation Microsoft is in discussions with OpenAI, the developer of the ChatGPT chatbot, about possible changes in the format of work and the composition of the board of directors. The goal of these changes is to prevent situations where startup management decisions could unexpectedly impact the tech giant. Information about this was distributed by Bloomberg, citing its sources.

According to available information, Microsoft plans to ask OpenAI to expand the composition of its board of directors and set higher qualification requirements for its members. An option is also being considered in which one of the Microsoft employees will take a seat on the OpenAI board of directors. However, Microsoft is aware that increasing control over the startup may raise questions from US federal agencies.

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После скандального увольнения Сэма Альтмана Microsoft обсуждает с OpenAI изменения в совете директоров

In addition, the corporation is considering the possibility of introducing a requirement according to which proposals to merge OpenAI with other companies will be subject to approval by Microsoft in certain cases.

It was previously reported that 96% of OpenAI employees signed a letter saying they could leave and join Sam Altman at Microsoft unless the startup's board resigns and brings back the ousted CEO along with co-founder and former president Greg Brockman.

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