After 40 years: Notepad in Windows 11 finally gets a character counter

by alex

The simple text editor Notepad has been part of Windows since 1985

Microsoft has been gradually improving the built-in Notepad application in Windows in recent years, and now it finally has a character counting function. 

Спустя 40 лет: «Блокнот» в Windows 11 наконец-то получил счётчик символов

In the new test version of Windows 11, in the Dev and Canary channels in the Notepad window, below, a display of the number of characters has appeared, much like counting the number of words in Microsoft Word.

Спустя 40 лет: «Блокнот» в Windows 11 наконец-то получил счётчик символов

The Microsoft Windows Insider testing program team explained in a blog post:

When text is selected, the status bar displays the number of characters for both the selected text and the entire document. If no text is selected, the number of characters for the entire document is displayed, allowing you to always have a clear idea of ​​the length of the document.

This is the latest addition to the line of changes in «Notepad» in 2023. Before this, the application added a new autosave option, which allows you to close a document without encountering a window prompting you to save every time. Microsoft also added to «Notepad» tabs and dark mode. 

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