Advanced work with text: Sber's GigaChat chat bot will be able to edit documents and work with PDF

by alex

It will be possible to test it in the web version of the service

At the international artificial intelligence conference AI Journey 2023, the SberBank team presented a prototype of an interface for editing documents using generative models, as well as a beta version of the function for loading PDF files into the GigaChat dialogue for subsequent work with them.

At the first stage, new features can be tested in the web version of the service. Denis Filippov, vice president for digital surfaces “Salyut” of Sberbank, spoke about this.

The web interface for editing documents using generative models combines access to key models and technologies for text editing: the GigaChat service, the Kandinsky neural network and the SAGE spelling correction AI service. So, it will be possible, for example, to generate a text or document, ask for ideas and structure, enrich the publication with illustrations, adapt the text for any audience, correct spelling and punctuation.

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GigaChat will also add the ability to download PDF files and work with them. For example, you can ask to briefly summarize or identify key ideas in a large financial report, or formulate questions about the text and its content – GigaChat will also help with this.

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